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Born and raised in Amsterdam and surroundings in the year of 1970. From the moment I could hold a pencil I was doodling and drawing around. My interest was mainly comic books and drawing - mostly unfinished comic books. Together with a bunch of friends we read every comic around and tried to recreate them with our own hands, trying out every style. It kept us from the streets so to say …

After many adventures in the dark nights with a bag full spray cans I got myself into the acrylic medium.
Been painting for a numerous of years before I strapped a scuba tank on my back and started to travel around the globe for several years.

Roughly 5 years ago I got back into comic drawing and been creating comics ever since, first for my comic blog and now I publish them all on Facebook and you can download them in CBR and PDF format from my website.

Peter Bot




Crossing Roads (afl. 18)
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Crossing Roads (afl. 17)
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Crossing Roads (afl. 16)
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Crossing Roads (afl. 15)
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Crossing Roads (afl. 14)
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2013-03-02Cover1 pagina  
2013-03-02BoneHead - The Prophecy (afl. 1)1 pagina  
2013-03-09BoneHead - The Prophecy (afl. 2)1 pagina  
2013-03-16BoneHead - The Prophecy (afl. 3)1 pagina  
2013-03-23BoneHead - The Prophecy (afl. 4)1 pagina  
2013-03-30BoneHead - The Prophecy (afl. 5)1 pagina  
2013-04-06BoneHead - The Prophecy (afl. 6)1 pagina  
2013-04-13BoneHead - The Prophecy (afl. 7)1 pagina  
2013-04-20BoneHead - The Prophecy (afl. 8)1 pagina  
2013-04-27BoneHead - The Prophecy (afl. 9)1 pagina  
2013-04-27Da Good Life (afl. 1)1 pagina  
2013-05-04BoneHead - The Prophecy (afl. 10)1 pagina  
2013-05-11BoneHead - The Prophecy (afl. 11)1 pagina  
2013-05-18BoneHead - The Prophecy (afl. 12)1 pagina  
2013-05-25BoneHead - The Prophecy (afl. 13)1 pagina  
2013-06-01BoneHead - The Prophecy (afl. 14)1 pagina  
2013-06-08BoneHead - The Prophecy (afl. 15)1 pagina  
2013-06-15BoneHead - The Prophecy (afl. 16)1 pagina  
2013-06-22BoneHead - The Prophecy (afl. 17) - Wordt vervolgd...3 pagina's
2013-06-29Da Good Life (afl. 2)1 pagina  
2013-07-06Da Good Life (afl. 3)1 pagina  
2013-07-13Da Good Life (afl. 4)1 pagina  
2013-07-20Da Good Life (afl. 5)1 pagina  
2013-07-27Da Good Life (afl. 6)1 pagina  
2013-08-03Da Good Life (afl. 7)1 pagina  
2013-08-10Cover - Da Good Life1 pagina  
2013-08-10Da Good Life (afl. 8)1 pagina  
2013-08-17Da Good Life (afl. 9)3 pagina's
2013-08-24Da Good Life (afl. 10)1 pagina  
2013-08-31Da Good Life (afl. 11)1 pagina  
2013-09-07Da Good Life (afl. 12)1 pagina  
2013-09-14Da Good Life (afl. 13)1 pagina  
2013-09-21Da Good Life (afl. 14)1 pagina  
2013-09-28Da Good Life (afl. 15)1 pagina  
2013-10-05Da Good Life (afl. 16)1 pagina  
2013-10-12Da Good Life (afl. 17)1 pagina  
2013-10-19Da Good Life (afl. 18)1 pagina  
2013-10-26Da Good Life (afl. 19)1 pagina  
2013-11-02Da Good Life (afl. 20)1 pagina  
2014-09-27Crossing Roads (afl. 2)1 pagina  
2014-10-04Crossing Roads (afl. 3)1 pagina  
2014-10-25Crossing Roads (afl. 4)1 pagina  
2014-11-01Crossing Roads (afl. 5)1 pagina  
2014-11-08Crossing Roads (afl. 6)1 pagina  
2014-11-15Crossing Roads (afl. 7)1 pagina  
2014-11-22Crossing Roads (afl. 8)1 pagina  
2014-11-29Crossing Roads (afl. 9)1 pagina  
2014-12-13Crossing Roads (afl. 10)1 pagina  
2014-12-20Crossing Roads (afl. 11)1 pagina  
2014-12-27Crossing Roads (afl. 12)1 pagina  
2015-01-10Crossing Roads (afl. 13) - Je Suis Charlie1 pagina  
2015-01-17Gag2 pagina's
2015-01-24Crossing Roads (afl. 14)1 pagina  
2015-01-31Crossing Roads (afl. 15)1 pagina  
2015-02-07Crossing Roads (afl. 16)1 pagina  
2015-02-14Crossing Roads (afl. 17)1 pagina  
2015-02-21Crossing Roads (afl. 18)1 pagina  


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